Occupy Wall Street (Occu-Evolve) ACTIONS TO DATE



**PLEASE NOTE that: Occu-Evolve, was born out of the efforts of  various members of  OWS Outreach, Movement Building, Vision and Goals, Money Out Of Politics, Political and Electoral Reform Working Groups and  Community-based Occupy assemblies around the city.

Chief among the anchors of OE was Sumumba Sobukwe who began doing outreach and organizing with all t Occupies in the City from October 2011 up until the December 6, 2011  action. From that time on he and later Robert Hernandez began bottom lining most of the efforts to keep the community based Occupies informed and connected to Occupy Wall Street.

On February 24, 2012, Sobukwe and  others began discussions on how to help Occupy Wall Street connect and coordinate with all community based Occupy Assemblies across the city. These discussions and meetings eventually led to the creation of Occu-Evolve.

Below are Occu-Evolve’s overall efforts to work with,coordinate and facilitate communications, networks, actions and outreach between all GA’s in the City.

Pre-Occu-Evolve Outreach , Mobilization, Communication and Action efforts to coordinate between the Occupies City-Wide

October 27, 2011-With Outreach and Vision and Goals Working Group members Sobukwe facilitated food and clothing for 477 Occupy in Harlem.

November 17, 2011- Along with  a few members from the Outreach Working Group, did outreach and helped to coordinate the New York City General Assemblies for N17  (A City and Nationwide Day of Action) one of our first and largest big actions. Bottom lined Occupying the Subways

December 6, 2011-Did outreach and helped to coordinate all City General Assemblies for D6 Action. Bottomlined Occupying the Subways

December 10, 2011-Helped to coordinate support among all GA’s for the Occupy Bronx 5 a group of individuals arrested for attending the then ‘Occupy The Bronx’ GA.

December 17, 2011-Did outreach among all City GA’s to support D17 Action to ‘take back’ Occupation at Duarte Square.

January 15, 2012 –After outreach to all GA’s helped to coordinate food and outreach materials for Occupy Sunset Park later in day made presentation for Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration at Riverside Baptist Church

January 20-21, 2012-Facilitated outreach and was Marshall for J21 March against the Corporations.

February 24, 2012-First of a series of meetings that would eventually create Occu-Evolve…a movement within a movement to  help the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Movement grow into a mass movement by connecting it with all other Occupy and Mass Movements in New York City and Beyond

February 29, 2012-Outreach among all City WIDE GA’s for National ‘Shutdown The Corporations Day Action’.

March-17, 2012-Outreach for March 17 Action-(6 Month Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street)

Occu-Evolve Bottomlining of  Outreach and Direct Actions:

April 1, 2012– Facilitated City-Wide Outreach among GA’s and Led (Marshaled) march from Atlantic Blvd. to Brooklyn Bridge to commemorate 6 month anniversary of 700 arrests on Brooklyn Bridge October 1, 2011, which gave Occupy Wall Street National Attention and led to the exponential growth of movement.

April 14, 2012-Bottom lined Outreach among all city functioning GA’s in the city to attend ‘Spring Awakening’ a convergence of Occupy and other Mass Movements around the city to re-invigorate the movement for change in the city.

April 17, 2012-Along with Political Action and Impact provided written materials and information for TAX DAY ACTION at Farley Post Office in Manhattan

May 1, 2012  MayDay  Facilitated outreach/communications and coordination with and between Occupy Williamsburg and Bushwick/Sunset Park and Red Hook, which led to community based marches and actions in all 4 communities.

May 12, 2012-Coordinated meeting between Occu-Evolve and Occupy Staten Island in support of Occupy Staten Island’s General Assembly

May 18, 2012- Facilitated ’Film night’ and fundraiser for Occupy Sunset Park.

May-June 2012-Facilitated Outreach to support the first ever ‘Occu-Picnic’ by Occupy Astoria/Long Island City held on May 29th and Occupy Town Square for Staten Island held on June 14th.


Helping to introduce Values Based Consensus to all General Assemblies in the city as well as Occu-Evolve (the first Occupy affiliated Group to adopt it) as well as discussion within OWS. Played a key role in getting Occupy Bushwick to adopt mission statement, as well as Occupy Queens, Occupy Astoria/Long Island, and Occupy Kensington a mission/values statement as well as Community Agreement, two things that eluded Occupy Wall Street and led in part to the dissolution of its General Assembly.

May 11, 2012-Coordinated meeting between Occu-Evolve and Occupy Staten Island in support of Occupy Staten Island’s General Assembly.

May 17, 2012-Outreach completed  to all  NYC GA’s to attend  NATO ACTION in Chicago.

June 14, 2012 -Facilitated Outreach/Communications to support Occupy Town Square for Staten Island and held a Teach-In on MOVING YOUR MONEY

June 29, 2012- Completed Coordinated Outreach to all Community based GA’s to attend  National Gathering of different Occupy Movements nationwide.

July 8, 2012-  Facilitated Outreach/Communications to support Occupy Town Square in Bushwick, and  to larger Occupy Movement

July 22, 2012– Facilitated Outreach/Communications to support Occupy Town Square-Occupy Queens

August 11, 2012– Facilitated Outreach/Communications to support Occupy Town Square-Occupy Astoria/Long Island City

August 25, 2012-Facilitated Outreach/Communications to support Occupy Town Square-Occupy Sunset Park

September 17, 2012 (S17)-One of the very few groups to do OUTREACH  City-Wide on or before S17 (The One Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street). We also Offered a teach-in on Moving your money, Occupied the Subways with Occupy Queens and had a well attended speak out later in the day.

September 29, 2012-Occupying Barclays Center with FUREE, Occupy The Hood and Bum Rush The Vote

September 2012-May 2013-We along with Occupy Kensington and NYCC (New York Communities for Change) are Boycotting Golden Farms for wage theft of the workers as well as its refusal to grant sick leave and unionize. Join us at 329 Church Avenue Kensington(Brooklyn) Monday through Friday from 4pm-7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12-8.

October 14, 2012-Bottomlined outreach for Strike Debt Assembly to all community based Occupy Assemblies in New York City.

October 18, 2012-City Outreach in support of the workers at Hot and Crusty attempts to Unionize@ 63rd and 2nd Avenue. NYC Bottomlined outreach to community based assemblies to support Health Care for the 99%, who had a rally across the street from Romney/Obama ‘Al Smith’ dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

November 13, 2012-Bottomlined outreach for hearing on half a billion dollar ferris wheel being built in Staten Island, Bro. Bill from Occupy Staten Island and Occu-Evolve….speaking against a ‘Ferris Wheel’ proposed for Staten Island by the 1% and Bloomberg

November 16, 2012-Outreach and direct actions with various other groups helped to play a role in the Unionization of Hot and Crusty Workers in Manhattan

November 17, 2012-Participated in action to bring awareness to the closure of the Forever Young Senior Center in Staten Island also participated in (N-17 National Day of Action against fossil fuels, fracking and man-made climate change)

November 21, 2012-Bottomlined  outreach to Occupy Movements in City and attended Huge Rally and (Line Clog) Action in Support of the Golden Farm Workers

November 23, 2012-Did outreach for and attended direct action against Walmart for Black Friday with other Occupy groups and various Community and Labor based Movements from the Tri-State Region.

December 7, 2012-Introduced the first Saturday of several walking tours of Wall Street, The Financial District and its connection to the Slave Trade.

December 18, 2012-Along with Occupy Staten Island, SEIU, Hot and Crusty Workers Occupied Several Congressional Offices to protest the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ backroom deals being made and the poor ‘Sandy’ response to the needs of people affected by that Hurricane

December 23, 2012-Along with Occupy Astoria/Long Island City, Occupy Kensington and New York Communities for Change on the Picket Line for Workers at Golden Farm and ‘Caroled for the 99%’.

December 30, 2012-TRIPLE ACTION SUNDAY!-Bottomlined by Occu-Evolve(Jackson Heights) member Louis Flores Along with Occu-Evolve (Occupy Queens WG), The Stop and Frisk Coalition,other activists and the Jackson Heights Community held a rally and march against Stop and Frisk and Christine Quinn. Afterwards Occupied The Subway to do outreach to the 99% on our way to action and boycott in support of the workers at Golden Farm.

January 1, 2013-MARCH FOR DEMOCRACY/OCCUPY SANDY-Bottomlined by Occu-Evolve (Staten Island) Bro. Bill Johnson today was a march and walking tour to demand that a FULL RECOVERY is brought to Staten Island in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

January 13, 2013-Double Action Sunday-Occupy The Subways in support of the Occupy Astoria/Long Island City and Golden Farm Workers.  And staffing the Picket Line to Boycott Golden Farm!)

January 19, 2013-Double Action Saturday-*ANNIVERSARY OF CITIZEN’S UNITED SPECIAL**Occupy Crime Scene Investigation (Wall Street Walking Tours)**-Bottomlined Outreach for Citizens United Anniversary Action on Wall Street.

January 20, 2013-Double Action Sunday–Occupy The Subways in support of the Occupy  Sunset GA and it’s Second Annual MLK UNITY DAY and Golden Farm Workers Rally and staffing the Picket Line to Boycott Golden Farm!

Walk for Democracy-Speak Out for Dr. King-Bottomlined by Occu-Evolve(Staten Island)

January 27, 2013-Triple Action Sunday-Occupy The Subways to support the Striking School Drivers (PIST), The Occupy Queens General Assembly and Workers at Golden Farm.

January 30, 2013-Along with PIST (Parents for Improved Safety and Transportation), and Occupy Wall Street attended and spoke out against the MTA’s fare hikes and their attempting to break the Strike by School Bus Drivers in New York City.

February 1, 2013-Bottomlined Outreach for Hurricane Sandy Recovery, Rebuild and Resist Summit

February 2, 2013-**Quadruple Action Saturday**Walk for Democracy with Bill Johnsen to highlight the lingering effects and destruction of Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island, Outreach and tactical support for PIST and the ATU at  the School Bus Strike (NYC), Outreach and Participation in Rahmarley Graham March and Rally, Outreach and Participation in the March for Immigrant Workers in Flatbush and Kensington(Brooklyn)


February 3, 2013-Outreach for and Participation in, the beginning phase of the resistance to the 1%’s plans to gentrify hard hit areas from Hurricane Sandy  along with OWS, Labor Outreach Committee of OWS, Strike Debt, PEOPLES RECOVERY NETWORK and others at the People’s Recovery Summit.

February 10, 2013-Outreach for, and Participation in, the ATU’s March and Rally to support Striking School Bus Drivers,  and Matron’s throughout the city.

February 16, 2013-Commemorated Black History Month with film about the African Presence in Lower Manhattan and Vigil for Reynaldo Cuevas a 20 year old murdered by NYPD.

February 26, 2013-Bottomlined Outreach to Occupy and other Movements for Trayvon Martin March, Rally and Vigil

March 2, 2013-Direct Action and March through Midland Beach and Cedar  Grove in support of victims of Hurricane Sandy

March 3, 2013-Provided Outreach and Direct Action in support of Golden Farm workers (Kensington, Brooklyn)

March 4, 2013-Provided Outreach and Direct Action against Money Laundering and Terrorist Funding HSBC BANK

March 9, 2013-Double Action Saturday Organized Outreach and participated in Walk A Mile In Our Shoes in Midland Beach to bring to light the situation of those still affected by Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island. Also provided outreach and participated in Rally and March for Justice for 20 year old Reynaldo Cuevas murdered by the New York City Police Department.

March 14, 2013-Outreach, Direct Action and solidarity with continued Kimani Gray Mobilizations as well upcoming city-wide actions, court cases and other events around Stop and Frisks arrests.

March 16, 2013-Bottomlined Outreach and Direct Action in support of workers at Golden Farm

March 23, 2013-Double Action Sunday-Bottomlined Outreach and participated in Direct Actions in support of the Postal Workers and Police murder victim (Kimani Gray) March and Rally.

April 8, 9, 10th, 2013-Bottomlined Outreach for actions in support of the Lakota Elders and Nation

April 13, 2013-Occupy Crime Scene Investigation (Wall Street Walking Tour)

April 27, 2013-Pre-MAY DAY ACTION-Occupy Sandy Resistance: Resist Gentrification and the 1%’s Plans to Underdevelop Our Communities!  WALK FOR DEMOCRACY AND JUSTICE!

April 28, 2013-PRE-OCCUPY MAY DAY ACTION: Immigrant and Workers rights Rally in Kensington (Brooklyn)

May 1, 2013-(Occupy May Day)-Bottomlined 8 May Day Actions: Including Speak out against corrupt Staten Island Political Leaders in solidarity with victims of Hurricane Sandy, Occupied the subway, Speakout against Law Day at NYU, Rally and March with Post Office Workers, May Day March to City Hall and Kimani Gray Memorial Day Assembly.

May 18, 2013- Bottomlined Outreach for and to Occupy and other 99% Movements in the city for Pro-Labor and Anti-Police Brutality Actions

May 23, 2013-Bottomlined Outreach and Participated in the “Opening the Doors to Hope” Caravan NYC-

May 24, 2013-Created and Facilitated**-The Occupation of Wall Street- 99%-OWS-The Peoples Voice-Weekly Speakouts for Justice and Democracy** at Federal Hall 26 Wall Steeet

May-June 2013-Outreach for, and Participation in ‘Peoples’ Lobby Day’in Albany, NY-To get money out of politics and advocate for Publicly Financed Elections in New York State.

June 22, 2013-Led Occupy Crime Scene Investigation (Wall Street Walking Tours)

**Please note July and most of Summer Occu-Evolve(OWS) was planning and doing outreach for S-17 (September 17, 2013 the Two-Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street)

August 9, 2013-S.I. BOROUGH HALL OCCUPIED!*99% OWS-The Peoples Voice-Weekly Speakout for Justice and Democracy

August 9, 2013-Occupy for Kimani (Vigil and Speakout)

August 10, 2013 -Organized outreach and participated in: BOYCOTT RELAUNCH ! ALL OUT FOR GOLDEN FARM WORKERS

August 13, 2013-Outreach and Participation in:Sandy Survivors  Greet Sen. Rand Paul at NY Fundraiser

August 24, 2013-Outreach for and participation in: From Zuccotti Park to the African Burial Ground-Occupy Wall Street commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

August 29, 2013-Outreach for, and participation in action: End the Hypocrisy, Drug War and Stop the funding of terrorist organizations and drug cartels! Direct Action Against HSBC

September 15, 2013-Helped organize and did outreach for #S15-PRE-S17 2013 Solidarity Action and Rally for Golden Farm Workers

September 17, 2013-Organized Occupy Wall Street S17 2013 (TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF OWS)- Solidarity Action in Support of Fast Food and Low Wage Workers, Press Event-Reconnecting with the 99%, All Day Teach Ins in Zuccotti Park, Coordinated Outreach for Robin Hood Tax March, Moreland Commission Action@Pace and Justice Assembly for the 99%.

**Solidarity Action for McDonald’s Workers**

September 19,2013-Organized outreach and participated in Solidarity for Striking Teachers at Mexican Consulate in New York City.

September 21, 2013-Organized outreach for and participated in OWS S21- Day of Action to Save the Post Office Bronx.

October 4, 2013-Organized outreach for and participated in SPEAK OUT AND RALLY AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN

October 17, 2013-Organized outreach for and participated in ‘Occupy and Unite with Fast Food/Low Wage Workers’ **DIRECT ACTION**

October 19, 2013-Participated in ‘Occupy the Subway AND Outreach for a Living Wage’-October 24th -Day of Action

October 24, 2013-Outreach for, and Participation in OCCUPY FOR A FAIR AND LIVING WAGE-75 Anniversary of National Minimum Wage LAW!! Day of Action.

November 23, 2013-Outreach for, and Participation in Occupy for Bed, Bath and Beyond Workers/Flash Mob at Old Navy

November 29, 2013- Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS N29-Occupy Black Friday…Support  Walmart and all Workers..fighting for a LIVING wage and worker protections in Secaucus, NJ

December 4, 2013-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS/OCCUPY JPM D4  Occupy JP MORGAN/CHASE BANK (New Day/New York) Direct Action

December 5, 2013-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in # OWS D5 Vigil, Remembrance and Moment of Reflection for the  Original No Paid Workers @ African Burial Ground and OWS D5 CITY WIDE-SOLIDARITY AND DIRECT DAY OF ACTION FOR FAST FOOD/LOW /UNDER and NO  WAGE WORKERS.

December 6, 2013-#Coordinated outreach for, and participated inOWS D6  NEW DAY/NEW YORK SPEAKOUT AND ASSEMBLY- In Honor of Nelson Mandela

December 9, 2013-Coordinated outreach for #OWS D9-OCCUPY AND PACK THE COURTROOM FOR REVEREND BILLY

December 18, 2013-Outreach for, and participated in#OWS D18 ACT UP, OCCUPY AND JUSTICE FOR LAMONT VALENTIN

January 1, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS J1 Occupy The New Year-The People’s Mandate! Let’s remind DeBlasio that we don’t want Bloomberg 4

January 15, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS J15 OCCUPY AND SPEAKOUT FOR MLK’S 85TH BIRTHDAY AT CITY HALL!

January 18, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS J18 Occupy and End Citizens United  and 4 Years of Legalized Corporate Rule-Walking tour/March of Wall Street. Direct action against Wendy’s unjust firing of Rynetta a worker/organizer

January 20, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS MLK J20  OCCUPY AND  ECONOMIC JUSTICE FOR ALL! Rally, March and Direct Actions against McDonald’s, Staples, Wendy’s, and Burlington Coat Factory.

February 7, 2014–Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS F7  Occupy, Rise Up, and March for The Unemployed/Under Employed-Reinstate Unemployment Benefits and Begin A Jobs For All- Program!-PRE-MAY DAY 2014 ACTION!

February 26, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS F26 OCCUPY AND JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON!

March 2, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in Occupy St. Pat’s For All March

March 10, 2014- Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in OWS# M10-Occupy Kenny’s Justice For Moraima Ortiz-Stop Wage Theft NOW!

March 15, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS M15-Occupy, Mobilize, Organize and March For $15

March 20, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS M20-Occupy The Capitol-Fair Elections NOW, Fund Pre-K-12 Education/Tax Wall Street/Bail the People Out!

April 4th and 11th, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#99% Wave of Action-Say NO to the REGRESSIVE agenda of Cuomo! Mass Rally at Federal Hall NYC.

May 1, 2014(May Day)- Along with May First Coalition Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in #OWS M1-OCCUPY MAY DAY-NEW YORK CITY 2014

May 15, 2014-#OWS M-15-Along with People’s Power Assemblies,Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in        GENERAL STRIKE AND OCCUPY FOR LOW WAGE WORKERS!

May 20, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in $15 A hour is just the beginning! Let the people of NY decide! S.ign Petition and Support :Senate Bill S5914-201(Direct Action in Albany)

May 24, 2014-Coordinated planning, outreach for, and participated in#OWS M 24-Occupy, Organize, Mobilize and March Against Monsanto

June-August 2014- Participated in outreach and direct actions in support of workers organizing with the Laundry Workers Center against wage theft harassment and abuse.

September 17, 2014-Organized and Facilitated S-17 2014…the 3 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

September 21, 2014-Did outreach for and participated in People’s Climate March NYC (over 400,000 people in attendance)

October 8, 2014-Along with the People’s Power Assembly helped to Organize Occupy The World Business Forum

November 2014-Organized Outreach For and Helped to Mobilize Support for Occupy Black Friday-Support Walmart Workers/Black Lives Matters Actions in New York City culminating in actions on November 29th at Walmart in North Bergen, NJ and Black Out (Boycott) Black Friday at Herald’s Square(NYC)

December 5, 2014-Established Demands for Justice in Eric Garner case and the Name Occupy 4 Justice (Because Black Lives Matter)

December 11, 2014-Outreach and Participation in Direct Action@’Safe Streets’#BrokenWindowsKill #WeCantBreathe-Occupy and Fire Bill Bratton- Because Black Lives Matter Manhattan Penthouse

December 13, 2014-Outreach for and Participation in#MillionsMarchNYC-Occupy/People’ Power Assemblies Movement Building Outreach Contingent (50,000 est. in attendence)

December 2014-January 2015-Has participated and done outreach for various actions for Black Lives Matter Movement along with several groups including People’s Power Assembly and ANSWER Coalition culminating in Shut Down Fifth Avenue Action December 23, 2014.  December 2014-Present-Continues to organize outreach for Actions (From Selma to Staten) Rally, March and Vigils for Eric Garner in Staten Island.


January 2, 2015-Double Action for the New Year…SING/DIE IN (Boycott of FOX/NY POST) and Rally/Speakout for Black Lives Matter on Wall Street

January 15, 2015-Initiated action‘ From Selma to Staten Part 1’ -Shutdown NYC-MLK DAY OF ACTION-March, Sing-in/Die-in/Reading from a Birmingham Jail, Press Conference in Front of PBA. March from African Burial Ground to Staten Island Ferry

January 19, 2015-Initiated action ‘From Selma to Staten Part 2’ -MLK DAY OF ACTION-March, Sing-in/Die-in/ Press Conference Against Broken Windows at 1 Police Plaza-Reading from a Birmingham Jail, Staten Island Borough Hall, Outreach for and participation in 4 MILE March against Police Violence and Brutality from Union to Foley Square.

January 21, 2015- Initiated and participated in Action Against 5 Year Anniversary of Citizens United from Foley Square to the NY Stock Exchange

January 22, 2015-Outreach for and Participation in Occupy Court Support For Ramsey Orta (Videographer of Murder of Eric Garner)

January 31, 2015-Organized and Participated in ‘Stop The Disrespect For Black Life’ Held a Counter Rally to PRO-NYPD rally organized in front of the same precint that still employs Daniel Panteleo the officer that applied the illegal chokehold that ultimately killed Eric Garner.

February 1, 2015- Organized and Participated in Occupy and ShutDOWN The SUPERBOWL Because Black Lives Matter(Sing In) Black Balloon Release and Reading of Names of those killed by Police

February 9, 2015- Along with People’s Power Assembly and Grand Central Crew for Black Lives Matter-Organized and Participated in 6 Months Later-Black Lives Still Matter-The Uprising Continues-HANDS UP/WE CAN’T BREATHE! (Rally, Die-in/Sing In-Reading the NAMES)

February 21, 2015-Along with People’s Power Assembly helped to organize 50 Years Later We Remember and Rally For Malcolm X #HisLifeMatters #BlackLivesMatter in Harlem

March 7, 2015-From Selma to Staten Island 50 Years Later( We Remember Bloody Sunday) Rally and Speakout S.I. Borough Hall

March 21, 2015-From Selma to Staten Island 50 Years Later( We Remember Bloody Sunday) March End to End


March 23, 2015-Organized outreach and participated in#WeCantBreathe2015-Occupy and Fight for 15 (Or More) Albany, NY

March 30, 2015-#BlackLivesMatter- OccupyCourt Solidarity Support for Ramsey Orta

(Videotaped the murder of Eric Garner) *NEW COURT DATE*


April 14,2015#OWSA14-#Occupy and Shut Down The Daily News (Because) Black Lives Matter


May 1,2015- Organized OCCUPY MAY DAY2015 -Power and Justice To The Workers

May 11, 2015-#WeCantBreathe-Occupy, Boycott and Shutdown Liberato Restaurant -End Wage Theft NOW!

May 14, 2015-Occupy, Boycott and Shutdown Staples-U.S. MAIL NOT FOR SALE-CITY WIDE RALLY

May 28, 2015-#BlackLivesMatter- #BlackLivesMatter- Occupy – Court Solidarity Support for Ramsey Orta(Videotaped the murder of Eric Garner) *NEW COURT DATE*

June 6, 2015-Organized and partcipated in’ SAY NO TO S04260! FREE #A14 AND #A29 Protesters NOW!  We have


July 25, 2015-Millions March Against Police Brutality, and For Racial and Economic Justice -Occupy For Solutions Contingent

August 7, 2015-The Root of the Problem-Micheal Brown, The Courts, Police State and Wall Street/Rally

September 17, 2015-Hosted #OWSS172015-the 4 Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street with a series of Intersectional Teach Ins and Special Presentations the day concluded with a march with VOCAL, ACT-UP NY, OCCUPY BED-STUY, ROBIN HOOD TAX FOUNDATION, MAKE THE ROAD NY and several other organizations and individuals.

October 22-25, 2015-Participated in

#RiseUpOctober-A series of actions and special events to protest police brutality and murder of civilians.

October 30, 2015-Helped to organize and participated in #OWS030 #JusticeForSusieOrElse a speakout and rally against JP Morgan Chase in general and against their illegal foreclosure and the eviction of Susie Johnson an Elderly 80 Year Black Woman.

November 27, 2015-#OWSN27-Organized and participated in OCCUPY, BOYCOTT AND SHUTDOWN BLACK FRIDAY (Because) Black Lives STILL Matter AND Justice has not been served!!

December 3, 2015-in #OWSD3 1 Year Later-Along with the Legacy Eric Garner left behind and SIPBR-STATEN ISLAND AGAINST RACISM AND POLICE BRUTALITY organized and participated in 1 Year Later: We Remember and Non-Indictment of those Responsible for the Murder of Eric Garner.

January 1, 2016-Organized & participated in #OWSJ12016 Occupy, Boycott and Shutdown FOX NEWS & the NY POST-Because-The Truth, Justice and Black Lives Matter!

February 28, 2016-Occupy The Oscars! #Oscarssowhite in Front of ABC Headquarters NYC

March-April 2016-Organized Protests and Resistance against MIH/ZQA (The Mayor, City Council and REBNY*Real Estate Board of New York* plans to further the Gentrification of New  York City)

September 17, 2016-Planned and Organized S17 2016-Five Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

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