About Us



MISSION STATEMENT: Occu-Evolve is a hub of thought, information, empowerment, action and outreach, focused on the evolution of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, (Other Occupy Community/Campus Based General Assemblies) and all of the mass, progressive, and restorative movements in New York City who are engaged in the struggle to create a better future based on economic justice, community empowerment, and the rights of all people to live a decent and meaningful life.

OUTREACH/ACTION STRUCTURE- Occu-Evolve is composed of members and point people from various working groups of Occupy Wall Street, and general assemblies across the city, who collaborate with OWS, Community Based Assemblies, CBO’s and Movements on strategic city-wide actions, outreach and related projects.

Present Issues of focus:

Civil-Human Rights-Stop and Frisk  (Health Care, Housing and Education) –Works on issues related to stop and frisk, civil and human rights across the city.

Money out of Politics-Works with OWS Money out of Politics group as well as Money Out/Voters in Affinity Group to get Money out of politics and end corporate personhood.

The Environment-From the Occupy Spectra Pipeline to other issues affecting our environment

Community Assemblies-Develops more COMMUNITY based assemblies in all communities in general and particularly working class and communities of color specifically. Working with existing Occupy Assemblies to increase diversity and a community base as well as Community Based Organizations already in existence

Labor-Works on Current labor struggles  works with (Labor Outreach Committee)Current Labor issues include: Golden Farm, Fast Food Workers, Walmart, Labor and Sandy and others.


Standing Committees of Occu-Evolve (Consented 12-14-12):

*Political/Education/Historical Committee-responsible for creation of outreach materials-visions and goals-as consented by Assembly

*Outreach Committee-Responsible for duplication of outreach materials and bottomlining outreach, speakers. Including Social Media-

*Action/Event Committee-responsible for organizing actions(staffing) and/or meeting spaces

*Data Entry/Archiving/Record Keeping Committee -Responsible for minutes, archiving group’s work

*Accounting Committee-fundraising –outreach, supporting Full-Time Occupiers, Occupations, fees to use for actions and or meetings-

NOTE: All committees constitute the central committee which initiates proposals and decisions based on our values, ethics, collective agreements and mission statement and are ultimately answerable to the entire assembly.

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