Occupy For Justice-Because Black Lives Matter (Action Plan)



Occupy For Justice Because Black Lives Matter is a working committee within Occu-Evolve, which  is a hub of thought, information, empowerment, action and outreach, focused on the evolution of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, (Other Occupy Community/Campus Based General Assemblies) and all of the mass, progressive, and restorative movements in New York City who are engaged in the struggle to create a better future based on social and economic justice, community empowerment, and the rights of all people to live a decent and meaningful life.

Immediate Demands:
Fire Officers Daniel Panteleo, Richard Haste, and Peter Liang
Abolish the 48 Hour Rule, that allows a police officer 48 hours before he/she can questioned in connection with an official investigation such as the use of deadly force and or allegations of police brutality
Ban The Grand Jury System
Outside (Independent) review of all cases involving police brutality and the murder of civilians
Remove Congressman Daniel Donovan from public office
Assign an Independent Prosecutor with no ties to the NYPD to all cases involving police brutality
Mayor DeBlasio, Fire Police Commissioner Bill Bratton (or resign) within the next 3 months or resign
Immediately end the prosecution of low level crimes such as marijuana possession
End harassment and intimidation of people who record the police during arrests, detainment and interaction with people
Intermediate/Institutional Demands:
Community Control of Police
End Broken Windows and Stop-and-Frisk policing
End the drug war and the militarization of the police
Publish the training curriculum of the NYPD
Eliminate the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory from the NYPD curriculum
These demands were consented to by Occupy For Justice Because Black Lives Matter on December 5, 2014 following the #BlackLivesMatter Justice for Eric Garner Assembly and amended January 1, 2016


Making Black Lives Matter(In Judicial/Criminal Justice System)

End Broken Windows!

Broken windows is a law enforcement model of zero tolerance for minor offenses and nuisances in order bust, prevent and deter major crime.

Why should we get rid of it?

The vast majority of those targeted by broken windows are Black or Hispanic,

1 and no link has been established between this policy and a decrease in major crimes. Broken windows requires police officers to meet monthly quotas.

2 To meet their quotas officers must give out arbitrary tickets, turning residents into revenue sources for the city, and must search people on the street who have done nothing wrong, treating all of us as potential criminals. Officers must also make unnecessary arrests, contributing to mass incarceration. Broken windows encourages over-aggressive policing, which leads to police brutality and the death of innocent victims like Eric Garner and Akai Gurley.

Will crime rise if we get rid of broken windows? I want my streets to be safe.

No! In late December and early January, NYPD officers were told to suspend broken windows and make arrests only when ‘absolutely necessary.’

3 Their intent was to show that crime would rise without aggressive police tactics. But that didn’t happen! In fact, crime fell during that period compared to the previous year!

4 Broken windows in not crime reduction, it is police harassment. It is also a tax on nearly all people with far too often deadly consequences for poor and people of color and plays a role in mass incarceration of a entire generation for petty crimes.

What can be done about Broken Windows?

The City Council – not the police – has the power to roll back some of these laws, providing them with perhaps the largest lever to push in fundamentally changing the relationship between the police and residents. The Council also provides oversight for the NYPD and controls, with the Mayor, the agency’s budget.

What We Plan To Do

1. Outreach about the above facts and the near police state we are in.

2. Work with a cross section of groups to Organize and mobilize the people to demand the end of Stop and Frisk

3. Begin discussions and organizing to change the fundamental relationship between the Police and Community

4. Have our Demands Addressed and Implemented.

5. Deepen a movement that seeks to improve the quality of life for ALL people in New York City  by examining the relationship and changing a status quo where the power of the city is concentrated by Wall Street and the Rich and thus Powerful.

We Meet Every Friday at 60 Wall Street at 6:30pm in Lower Manhattan.

What Have We Done For The Black Lives Matter Movement Until Now?

November 2014-Organized Outreach For and Helped to Mobilize Support for Occupy Black Friday-Support Walmart Workers/Black Lives Matters Actions in New York City culminating in actions on November 29th at Walmart in North Bergen, NJ and Black Out (Boycott) Black Friday at Herald’s Square(NYC)

December 5, 2014-Established Demands for Justice in Eric Garner case and the Name Occupy 4 Justice (Because Black Lives Matter)

December 11, 2014-Outreach and Participation in Direct Action@’Safe Streets’#BrokenWindowsKill #WeCantBreathe-Occupy and Fire Bill Bratton- Because Black Lives Matter Manhattan Penthouse

December 13, 2014-Outreach for and Participation in#MillionsMarchNYC-Occupy/People’ Power Assemblies Movement Building Outreach Contingent (50,000 est. in attendence)

December 2014-January 2015-Has participated and done outreach for various actions for Black Lives Matter Movement along with several groups including People’s Power Assembly and ANSWER Coalition culminating in Shut Down Fifth Avenue Action December 23, 2014.  December 2014-Present-Continues to organize outreach for Actions (From Selma to Staten) Rally, March and Vigils for Eric Garner in Staten Island.


January 2, 2015-Double Action for the New Year…SING/DIE IN (Boycott of FOX/NY POST) and Rally/Speakout for Black Lives Matter on Wall Street.

January 15, 2015-Initiated action‘ From Selma to Staten Part 1’ -Shutdown NYC-MLK DAY OF ACTION-March, Sing-in/Die-in/Reading from a Birmingham Jail, Press Conference in Front of PBA. March from African Burial Ground to Staten Island Ferry

January 19, 2015-Initiated action ‘From Selma to Staten Part 2’ -MLK DAY OF ACTION-March, Sing-in/Die-in/ Press Conference Against Broken Windows at 1 Police Plaza-Reading from a Birmingham Jail, Staten Island Borough Hall, Outreach for and participation in 4 MILE March against Police Violence and Brutality from Union to Foley Square.

January 21, 2015- Initiated and participated in Action Against 5 Year Anniversary of Citizens United from Foley Square to the NY Stock Exchange

January 22, 2015-Outreach for and Participation in Occupy Court Support For Ramsey Orta (Videographer of Murder of Eric Garner)

January 31, 2015-Organized and Participated in ‘Stop The Disrespect For Black Life’ Held a Counter Rally to PRO-NYPD rally organized in front of the same precint that still employs Daniel Panteleo the officer that applied the illegal chokehold that ultimately killed Eric Garner.

February 1, 2015- Organized and Participated in Occupy and ShutDOWN The SUPERBOWL Because Black Lives Matter(Sing In) Black Balloon Release and Reading of Names of those killed by Police

February 9, 2015- Along with People’s Power Assembly and Grand Central Crew for Black Lives Matter-Organized and Participated in 6 Months Later-Black Lives Still Matter-The Uprising Continues-HANDS UP/WE CAN’T BREATHE! (Rally, Die-in/Sing In-Reading the NAMES)


Upcoming Actions:




*Less than 3% of police officers who have killed a civilian are ever convicted of any crime.

*In 2013, 27 police officers were killed nation-wide while on duty.

**In the same year, 400-1000+ civilians were killed by police.

***One Black person is killed every 28 hours by police and armed vigilantes.

****Blacks are routinely targeted by stop-question-and-frisk programs, and are incarcerated at higher rates than white people for the same offenses.

*Less than 5% of Black Americans commit violent crimes.

These statistics call into question the continued use of lethal force and para-military policing in communities of color. Broken Windows Policing is a policy that has been widely discredited by researchers, but continues to be implemented by Bill Bratton in the NYPD and police departments all over America. This policy, combined with a lack of de-escalation training and a lack of legal responsibility, has wasted our tax dollars and created violence in our communities for years. This policy has led to fatal encounters between police officers and unarmed civilians like Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Akai Gurley, Aiyana Jones, Ramarley Graham, Kimani Gray, Shantel Davis, and countless others.

We ask the criminal justice system to prosecute their killers.

We ask the police to stop killing our friends, our neighbors, our leaders, our children, our future.

Every time we hear a “but” we keep on marching to demand justice.

No justice? NO PEACE!



**: http://www.fbi.gov/sandiego/press-releases/2014/fbi-releases-2013-statistics-on-law-enforcement-officers-killed-and-assaulted

***Source: http://www.operationghettostorm.org/uploads/1/9/1/1/19110795/new_all_14_11_04



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